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About Skin2Soul Natural Perfumes

Bringing Creativity & Ideas to Life

Creating natural perfumes, ritual mists and bespoke esences is my true passion and my Soul path.
I have been working with people, for people, for almost 20 years in Human Resources field as a Counsellor. I always look for ways and channels to empower You. Connecting with people, helping them find their true Source, callings or path, is what I am naturally driven to.

10 years ago my Soul‘s Voice started to get stronger and louder. I felt deep in my bones, that I need to go deeper. The message was, that it’s time to get more connected to myself, to live authentically and to follow my dream. I live connected to nature for my whole life and my parents legacy is to be grateful to mother Nature and old ways, to value primordial and to cocreate a better world. I started to explore the past knowledge and crafts of our ancestors (from slavic roots and all that came before us), art & techinques and ancient wisdom that help Us to Connect to Ourselfs.

I studied Aromatherapy, Natural Artisan Perfumery, Healing Ways, Soul Retreival, Herbalism, Plant Medicine, Shamanism, Completion Proccess and everything I felt called to, to Awaken to my True Self and to be whole again so that I can also Empower others.

But Why Skin2Soul Natural Perfumes?

If we understand how our sense of smell works, it’s obvious, we are blessed with it for so much of a bigger reasons than just for what we use it in our daily lives.

Scent is our time travel machine, Scent is our bridge from mind to heart, Scent is a gateway to Soul and a passage to a space between time – to oneness. It’s a powerful tool and a magnificante way to reconnect to Source.

My favorite scent is our Skin Scent, so I believe it is not meant for us to cover it. With delicate merging of our unique Scent and with perfect harmony of combining the right precious essential oils, absolutes, exctracts, and perfume tinctures we can make some true magic. The Alchemy of empowerment is born. Empowering for us, for our passeges and times of chalenges.

What I am most called to are Ritual scents for rite passages of our lives. Or recollection of our dear, loving memories, since natural scents are such a supportive and time traveling transformative way of filling our heart with joy and love, with dear sensations and recollections.
This are the old ways, this are the natural ways and this are also the ways that can help us retreive our soul pieces scattered because of our traumas.

How? Through counselling process we arrange Bespoke Perfume Consultations.

If you feel called to it I will be happy to answer you, I will act as a comductor of your Souls unique melody and aspects of You, so that You will be able to express your energy, tell Your story in a meaningful and soulful unique Scent. Or maybe through Your Scent and the process of creating awaken your inner vision and get in touch with your Soul for the first time. It’s a Journey from Soul to Skin Scent to Soul.

This experience makes a thoughtful and memorable gift for different occasions in life, that are meaningful and transformative for us, but most of all an important gift to ourselves and our wholeness.

Let our Soul be heard and couragesly expressesd to ourselves and the world.

With LOVE,