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Botanical name: Michelia champaca
Floral natural perfume with Champaca heart

She was at hardest times in her life. The storm took her down. All she wanted was some brake from pressure and expectations of how She was supposed to be.
Deeply under She was called to this Scent of a rich flower with subtle cleanliness and softness that gracefully maintained its floral beauty from start to finish.
She allowed herself to be and embraced the Scent and steadiness, Innerbalance She suddenly felt inside. It was calming yet invigorating, it was overpowering sensuality that made her feel She is ok, the way she is. Unapologetically herself. Daring, straightforward but also soft, gentle and loving. She felt safe and empowered. She felt whole. Her Soul smiled and her Heart calmed down.
Skin2Soul – Fleur de Lis